How to Keep Cool Knives Pristine

For those who own cool knives and put them to use regularly, they cannot avoid appreciating just how versatile and robust these knives are. Since they can withstand high degrees of regular, hard use, they can give you years of service with a little maintenance and regular care.

The simplest form of care is always ensuring your knife is clean. Whenever you are available, the knife should be washed in running water. With regard to drying your knife, it can be in the sun or by use of a cloth, leaves or moss. Drying it well prevents it from rusting. You can also keep the knife rust free by not leaving it in water at all.

As you clean the blade, take time to examine it for burrs and nicks that need attention. The handle also needs to be cleaned and treated. However, this is determined by the material your handle is constructed from. For example, rubber handles need specialized cleaning while wood handles can be treated using linseed oil. Bone handles must be properly cleaned and dried in water and never be soaked. Propriety leather cleaner is ideal for a leather handle.

There are people who fail to enjoy the goodness of cool knives for not giving proper attention to the blade’s sharpness. Traditionally, this has been done using various stones that are available in various grades. These stones help keep blades in good condition. Day to day re-sharpening can be done using a soft stone. For blades that are subjected to heavy use, you can restore a keen edge by use of a hard stone. For a blade with nicks and blurs, there is the Carbo Ark Stone to help quickly remove ample metal for the edge of the blade to be restored.

Diamond plates can be described as modern alternatives to traditional Arkansas Stones. Diamond plates are steel plates whose surface has diamond grit bonding. When compared to traditional honing stones, the diamond plates have several advantages. When compared to traditional honing stones, these plates are more efficient when used dry. This is a great quality when faced with a situation where honing oil or access to water is non-existent or limited. Another advantage with these plates is that they are easy to carry and light considering they are almost the same thickness and size as credit cards.
The blade requires light oiling as a way of completing your care for your knife.

The oiling keeps the blade rust free and lubricated. When not in use, keep the knife in a spot that is dry and well ventilated. Remember to remove it from the sheath for proper air circulation. This is because you will prevent any condensation or moisture that may cause rusting.

When cool knives receive regular attention, they can offer many years of ideal service regardless of the degree of use. Again, while diamond stones are more expenses when compared to traditional stones, they can last for many decades even with regular use. To enjoy the ultimate versatility, choose a knife whose sides are of different grades.…